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About ServiceNow Online Training

ServiceNow  Online Training may be a cloud-based IT Service management tool, which is growing exponentially within the space of ITSM and IT Governance. Organizations across the world are implementing ServiceNow to make a lone structure of record for enterprise IT, reduce the IT operational costs and to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency. ServiceNow is a superb platform to develop custom applications consistent with the business requirements of the purchasers. ServiceNow training offers the course participants with hands-on experience on methods to use ServiceNow Applications within the business. This training deals with the topics, which include, fundamental architecture, technical elements, implementation planning concerns, and implementation tasks important for ServiceNow. Our course curriculum is meant by expert trainers considering the real-time scenarios.

Prerequisites For Learning ServiceNow Online Training

  • Basic knowledge of database tables and columns
  • Ability to design and test JavaScript
  • Troubleshooting

Terms And Conditions

  • We will Provide Supporting to resolve Student practical Issues.
  • We will provide server Access and 100% Lab Facility.
  • Resume Preparation.
  • Interview Questions & Answers.
  • We will conduct mock interviews. Student also gets 100% supporting before and after getting job.
  • ServiceNow Online Training Course Content
    • Introduction To ITIL

      • Introduction to ITSM
      • Incident Management
      • Problem Management and change management
      • Service Request Management
      • Configuration Management Database
      • SLA’s and OLA’s

    • ServiceNow Overview And Introduction

      • Introduction of ServiceNow
      • What is ServiceNow?
      • Why and who can use ServiceNow
      • History of ServiceNow
      • Service Now Features
      • ServiceNow Objectives
      • ServiceNow Lifecycle
      • Architecture of ServiceNow
      • ServiceNow Market Trends
      • Prerequisites for ServiceNow
      • The concept of cloud computing in ServiceNow
      • Introduction to ITIL foundation
      • Agile Methodology
      • Navigation and users
      • Helpful portals, releases

    • Basic Administration

      • Customizing Home Pages
      • Form Layouts and list layouts
      • Adding Users to Groups
      • Granting Roles to Users
      • Introducing Applications and Modules
      • Creation of tables and Modules
      • Creating tickets and raising Requests
      • Creating SLA’s
      • Performance Metrics

    • Advanced Administration

      • UI Policies
      • Notifications
      • Dictionary Entries and Overrides
      • Data Policies
      • List Control and Calculations
      • Exporting the Data from Service-Now
      • Update sets imports and Exports
      • Scheduling Jobs

    • Core Configuration Of Service Now

      • ServiceNow User Interface
      • Forms and Lists
      • Plugins
      • User Administration
      • Configure User Accounts
      • Creation of groups
      • Assign roles to users and assign them to groups
      • Licensing
      • Creation of tables and forms
      • Create new tables, applications, and modules
      • Creation of import sets, transform maps

    • Introduction To Knowledge Base And Service Catalog

      • Introduction to the knowledge base
      • Create catalog items, order guides, and record producers
      • Workflow Administration, SLAs, and Reports
      • Perform workflow activities and administration
      • Record Producer
      • Order Guide
      • Create and apply SLAs
      • Create and modify Reports
      • Core Application and Configuration

    • System Upgrades

      • Introduction to system upgrades
      • View upgrade history and status
      • Create and apply update sets
      • Retrieve and apply update sets
      • Best practices
      • Homepage administration
      • System Administration Best Practices

    • Working With Ui Policies And UI Actions

      Create and modify UI Policies Client Scripts Business Rules Script Includes UI Actions Create events and configure email notifications Set up Access Control Rules

    • Create SLA & Schedule

      • SLA Definitions
      • SLA Properties
      • Attach SLA to tasks
      • Create schedule and child schedule

    • Scheduled Jobs

      • Introduction to scheduled jobs
      • Scheduled Job log
      • Scheduled reports

    • Access Control List

      • Create Read, Write and Create ACL on table and field level
      • Debug ACLS
      • Write ACL Scripts
      • The concept of privileged system admin

    • Content Management (CMS)

      • Creating site, page
      • Dynamic content block
      • Define Header, theme, style sheet
      • Creating UI page, UI macros

    • Configuration Management

      • Classes in CMDB
      • Mapping Configuration Item to Asset Records
      • Loading the CI’s into Service-Now
      • Relating Configuration items

    • Import Sets

      • Loading Data of different Formats
      • Using Data Sources
      • Using Transform Maps and Transform scripts

    • Service Catalog

      • Creating Catalog Items using Variables and Variable sets
      • Creating Record Producers
      • Design the flow using Workflow
      • Creating Execution Plans
      • Writing Catalog Client Scripts and Catalog UI Policies

    • Workflows

      • Creating Workflows on different tables
      • Approvals using workflows
      • Using Different Activities in workflows
      • MID Server installation
      • Installing MID server on a instance
      • Testing the Mid Server using another Logins
      • Importing Files by Using MID Serve

    • MID Server Installation

      • Installing MID server on an instance
      • Testing the MID Server using another Logins
      • Importing Files by Using MID Server

About Instructor

ServiceNow Online Training is provided by a real time consultant. The experience acquired by our trainer on ServiceNow, is promisingly helpful to the corporate trainee’s. Our instructors are experts in the implementation and support projects. ASTS always works on real time scenarios. It is extremely useful for the professionals to handle the projects easily in the IT industry.

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