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We at ASTS attract engagement of our Students and Trainees in multiple ways and BLOG  is one path we try to be associating with them in a discreet and unobtrusive way.

ASTS-BLOG  SPOT is a Discussion and Informational based platform which is specifically designed to keep Students abreast with all the following happenings …….

  • Latest Courses, Schedules, Events, Changes at ASTS
  • Sharing of Course Text-Audio- Video Delivery Material
  • Marketing, Brand Building and Public Relations at ASTS
  • Tutor Opinions, Articles, Communication Purposes
  • Student Opinions, Articles, Experiences, Grievance Purposes
  • Sharing of Passions and Interests around Technology
  • Publishing of Expertise by relevant knowledge sources
  • Purposeful Discussions between Students and Tutors
  • Testimonial Space for successful ASTS Students
  • Latest News and New introductions at ASTS
  • Current Happenings around Technology and Software, Relevant Articles
  • Discussions around latest trends in Online Learning
  • New Job-Skills and Local Job Postings for Students
  • Linking of Mainstream and Social Media to the learning process
  • Building a community of followers for free flow of Technical Information

and in many other ways collaborating ourselves around Technology, Learning and successful Career

Continue Conversing through ASTS-BLOG SPOT

After All, BLOG SPOT is to Share, Create, Learn and Inspire

Welcome To ASTS

    Welcome To ASTS