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Oracle Apps Finance Functional R12 is the basics of ORACLE Financial Applications and it is used to maintain the financial lifecycle in an organization. It includes General Ledger, Multi ORG structure, Purchasing, Payables, Receivables, Systems Administration and Asset Management.


  • Graduates/Post Graduates are eligible.
  • Any funcational background consultants are eligible to learn Oracle Apps Financials Online Training.

Terms And Conditions

  • We will Provide Supporting to resolve Student practical Issues.
  • We will provide server Access and 100% Lab Facility.
  • Resume Preparation.
  • Interview Questions & Answers.
  • We will conduct mock interviews. Student also gets 100% supporting before and after getting job.
    • R12 Summary

      • Payables (AP)
      •   Receivables (AR)
      •   Oracle  Apps Functional r12 Basic Concepts
      •   General Ledger (GL)
      •   Fixed Assets (FA)
      •   Cash Management (CE)
      •   Multi Org Access Control (MOAC)
      •   Sub Ledger Accounting (SLA)

    • R12 Detailed

      • Architectural Overview – System Administration
      •   UI Navigation changes in R12 Vs 11i
      •   Flex fields
      •   Access and Controls
      •   Functional overview of Products
      •   Concepts of LE/OU/Chart of Accounts
      •   Differences between R11 Vs 11i-sneek peek review
      •   Creation of Users and assignment of Responsibilities
      •   Profile Options and security controls

    • Paybles

      •  Invoice Vs Inv Batch
      •   Creation of Invoices (All types of Invoices)
      •   Prepayment Application and Unapplication
      •   Payment of Invoices- Full and Partial
      •   Invoice Accounting
      •   Payables Options
      •   Financials Options
      •   System Hold and Manual Holds
      •   Distribution Set Vs Distribution Accounts
      •   Retain age Release Calculation
      •   WH Taxes
      •   Recurring Invoices
      •   Supplier Setup
      •   Multi Currency payments

    • Paybles Integration Areas

      • Procure to Pay (end to end flow)
      •   Creation of PO
      •   Receipt
      •   Inspection
      •   Invoice Matching and Payment for the same
      •   2/3/4 way matching with PO
      •   Auto Invoice from PO
      •   Automatic Offset
      •   Creation of isupplier portal
      •   Supplier PO Management
      •   Data Model Analysis
      •   AP Backend data model
      •   Tables impacted on updating
      •   Retain age Release
      •   Fixed Assets Integration

    • Oracle Payments(IBY)

      • Funds Disbursement
      •   Changes in R12 Vs 11i
      •   Role of New Payment Set up Administrator
      •   Creation of Payment Process Profile
      •   Creation of Payment methods
      •   Mapping PPP and Payment Documents with Internal bank Accounts
      •   Payment Process Request Templated and Submission
      •   Manual Vs Automatic completion
      •   Overview of Federal formats
      •   Scheduling Requests in Real time
      •   Assignment of Bank Accounts and PPP
      •   Paying different supplier and OU’s in single pay run
      •   Review proposed payments
      •   Add & Remove invoices during payments
      •   Electronic and Printed Payments
      •   Multi Currency Payments
      •   Validations during payment
      •   Resolve document & payment validation errors
      •   Payment Limits
      •   MOAC Payments
      •   Decentralised AP and Payments
      •   Centralized AP and Payments
      •   Terminate
      •   Void and Stop Payments
      •   Void by overflow
      •   Skipped documents

    • Funds Capture

      • Process flow for funds capture
      •   Auths Vs Settlements
      •   Credit Card Creation
      •   Brand activation Vs Inactivation’s
      •   Assignment of credit card and Bank accounts to customer
      •   Encryption Vs Masking
      •   Creation of Funds Capture Process Profile
      •   Creation of Payee
      •   Mapping FCPP, PSA and Payees with OU
      •   Transaction testing auths & settlements
      •   Auth Capture
      •   Credit Card refund
      •   Invoking FC from AR/OM and collections

    • Data Model

      • Data Model Analysis for Funds Disbursement
      •   Data Model Analysis for Funds Capture

    • Multi Org Access Control(MOAC)

      • Changes in 11i Vs R12
      •   Security Profile Options
      •   Security list maintenance
      •   Assigning security to users and responsibilities

    • Fixed Assets

      • Asset Books vs Finance Book
      •   Asset Creation
      •   Calculation of Depreciation
      •   Paying a capital asset PO via AP
      •   Mass Addition
      •   Retirement
      •   Transfer of Asset
      •   Group Vs Member Assets

    • Cash Management

      •  Changes in R12 Vs 11i
      •   Creation of Banks/Branches/Accounts
      •   Distinction between Internal bank accounts and external bank accounts
      •   Controls in Cash Management
      •   Reconciliation Manual and Auto Reconciliation
      •   UMX Security Controls
      •   Back end SQL data model for internal and external bank accounts
      •   Cash Clearing
      •   Bank Account Transfers
      •   Cash Positioning and Forecasting

    • Accounts Receivable

      • Creation of Transaction
      •   Receivable Options
      •   Receipt Manual Vs Automatic
      •   Receipt Application Vs Unapplication
      •   Remittances
      •   Refund Manual Vs Credit Card
      •   Charge Back
      •   Customer setups
      •   Auto Cash Rule set
      •   Balance Forward Billing
      •   Type of Transactions and set off with Credit Memo
      •   Accounts Overview

    • IModules

      •  I Receivables
      •   I Supplier Portal

    • Sale Order Management Integration With Financial Modules(AR)

      • Auto Import Orders
      •   Creation of Invoices in AR using import from OM
      •   Payment of Sales Order using Credit card

    • Subledger Accounting Methods (SLAM)

      • Architectural Overview
      •   Even Model in R12 Vs 11i
      •   Accounting Events Definition
      •   Accounting Events in Payables
      •   Accounting Events in Receivables
      •   Modifying seeded AAD, JLT and JLD

    • Oracle General Ledger

      • Creation of Ledger
      •   Accounting Setup Manager
      •   Open and Close periods
      •   Mapping of 4 C’s =Currency, Calendar, COA and Convention
      •   Primary and Secondary Ledger
      •   Reporting Currency Ledger
      •   Transfer/Post Accounting entries to GL
      •   Creation of recurring journals
      •   Data Conversion Levels
      •   COA Mapping
      •   Ledger Vs Ledger Sets
      •   Consolidations
      •   Data Access Set Vs Definition Access Set
      •   Budgets
      •   Consolidations

    • Financial Statement Generator

      • Prepare Income statement
      •   Balance Sheet

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