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Hyperion Financial Management Online Training

Hyperion Financial Management is one of the web-based application that provides global financial consolidation, generation of reporting, and observing the analysis in a single, highly scalable software solution. Hyperion Financial Management Training utilizes today’s most advanced developed technology, yet it is built to be owned and maintained by the enterprise’s finance team. oracle Hyperion financial management specializes in financial consolidation and generating of the report that enables you to rapidly consolidate and creating report financial results, which connects global regulatory requirements.

Prerequisites For Learning HFM Online Training

  •  Graduates/Post Graduates are eligible.
  • Knowledge in data warehousing technologies.
  • Any technical background consultants are eligible to learn HFM Software Training.

Terms And Conditions

  • We will provide support also will resolve student issues if they find it.
  • We will provide server access and a 100% lab facility.
  • Resume preparation.
  • Interview questions & answers.
  • We will conduct mock interviews. The student also gets 100% supporting before and after getting a job.
  • ASTS Training comprehensive FDMEE Online Training will teach you the basics. This course will give you hands-on development experience and prepare you for an exciting career as a professional.
  • HFM Online Training Course Content
    • INTRODUCTION Hyperion HFM Training

    • Architecture

      • Infrastructure
      • Hyperion Financial Management Basic Concepts
      • Installation
      • Oracle 10g
      • Schemas
      • Shared Services
      • HFM
      • HFR

    • Functional

      • Introduction to financial management
      • About enterprise performance management
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    • HFM Basics

      • Dimensions
      • Define application profile
      • Create an application

    • Loading Metadata From A File

      • About metadata load files
      • Loading metadata
      • Manage metadata
      • Prepare own metadata

    • Configuring Accounts And Custom Dimensions

      • About metadata load files
      • Loading metadata
      • Manage metadata
      • Prepare own metadata

    • Setting Up Entities, Calendars, And Scenarios

      • Setting up entities
      • Setting up calendars
      • Setting up scenarios

    • Loading Data

      • Loading data files
      • Extracting data
      • Copying and removing data

    • Creating Data Forms

      • About data forms
      • Accessing the form builder
      • Defining the point of view
      • Defining columns and rows
      • Setting row and column options
      • Exporting data to spreadsheets

    • Entering Data Using Data Grids

      • About data grids and accessing data grids
      • Changing the grid layout and display
      • Selecting members for dimensions
      • Selecting members
      • Saving grid settings
      • Entering data and filling multiple cells
      • Spreading and calculating data
      • Adding cell text and line-item detail

    • Creating Member Lists In Financial Management

      • About member lists
      • System and user-defined member lists
      • Creating member lists
      • Identifying member lists in a file
      • Creating static member lists
      • preparing energetic member form for the entity dimension and other dimensions
      • Loading and extracting member lists

    • The Form Which Has Inter-Company Data

      • Regarding inter-company transactions
      • process of deleting 
      • Accounts of plug accounts 
      • Inter-company eliminations and the value D
      • Fixing the entities and accounts for inter-company data
      • Working and running matching reports of inter-company

    • Adjusting Data With Journals

      • About journals and journal benefits and adjusting data
      • A journals review process and the value dimension
      • Multiple journal postings, accessing journals, and opening periods for journal entry
      • Creating journal templates and journal balance types
      • Creating journals and entering journal data
      • Creating, observing, enable, and viewing adjustments with the perfect details report
      • Adjusting the report of journal properties and selecting columns and filters
      • Saving journal reports locally and remotely
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    • Running Consolidations

      • Consolidation process and percentages
      • Entering consolidation information using ownership management
      • Running consolidations
      • Checking consolidation status
      • Data translation
      • Entering exchange rates
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    • Analyzing Data Using Smart View

      • About smart view
      • Smart view installation and components
      • Connecting to a data source
      • Entering data with web data forms
      • Functions in smart view

    • Managing The Review Cycle Using Process Mgmt

      • Process control & process unit
      • Process control security roles
      • Enabling process control & phased submission
      • Locking & unlocking process unit

    • Creating Data Grids

      • About data grids & accessing DG
      • Changing the grid layout & display setting
      • Selecting member
      • Saving grid setting
      • Entering data & filling multiple cells
      • Spreading & calculating data
      • Add text cell & line item detail
      • Entering exchange rates

    • Rule Basics

      • About rules and rules syntax
      • Rule types and rules files
      • Objects and functions in rules
      • Assigning Values to accounts
      • Account expressions
      • Setting values for multiple accounts
      • Sub cubes, Data retrieval, and rules
      • Loading and extracting rules

About Instructor

HFM Online Training is provided by a real-time consultant. The experience acquired by our trainer on HFM is promisingly helpful to the corporate trainees. Our instructors are experts in the implementation of projects. ASTS always works on real-time scenarios. Find more info click here. we hope you will catch your goals by our, cost-effective training, and support throughout your career.

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